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Red Heart and Black Rectangle

Each bag is made of hand dyed silk and nylon tulle with cotton bias binding. Between the two layers are hand painted rocks, bits of gold lame, charms, sea glass, and sea shells. The purses come in two styles, Rectangle and Heart. The catch is hand beaded and the strap is either cotton or rubber gasketing. The bags are 8"x 7" and are large enough to hold the basics for going out in the evening. I use mine all the time, putting in my lipstick, cash, credit card, license, a hanky, and business cards. They can even hold a cell phone! For a delicate looking accessory, they are very strong. I love mine and recommend you try one. Or, hang them on the wall and put your favorite love letters in one. Put your diamonds in another!

Purple Rectangle

Black Rectangle

Black Heart

Red Heart


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