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The Diamond Shawl

Pleated at shoulders it stays on, leaving hands free when you wear it.
Can be worn with the diamond in front or in back. A stunning effect!!
Dyed silk charmeuse satin with dyed rayon tassel and beaded highlights.

It comes in all colors but the most popular color is red.
Here is one in bright Turquoise.
Contact your local gallery to purchase this item.
(See gallery list below)

Deliciously silky, these satin drapes will delight and warm your soft skin. Made from yards of hand dyed and washed Charmeuse Satin and set with 8 small windows filled with all the fun treasures that are in the Windows Scarf, we promise these Shawls will delight the wearer. Available in the same colors as the Scarves, the dimensions on these pieces are 72" X 21".
Perfect for draping over your shoulders at the theater or a special cocktail event. Lovely as a color accent in your bedroom.
A great gift idea!

Purple Shawl

Blue Shawl

Red Shawl

Olive Shawl

Burnt Orange Shawl


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